Output: The transnational SHAPE e-service for ecotourism in Sustainable Heritage Areas

Hiking, Nordhordland. Copyright: Heidi J. Mongstadt/Nordhordland.

SHAPE creates a transnational web-based service to support organisations, communities and businesses in the ‘Cool North’ in developing, implementing and managing ecotourism initiatives based on effective management of the assets of SHAs and protected areas.

Methodologies, tools and studies

In SHAPE, a number of methodologies and tools will be developed and tested, recognizing the imperative of considering the role of people in environmental management.

These relate to the development/implementation of effective stakeholder networks; the identification/mapping of natural heritage assets, as well as cultural assets which are key elements of the NPA region’s cultural landscapes; and a decision-making tool for effective governance. The methods, tools and studies are shared through the SHAPE e-service.

Support for cooperation, partnerships and knowledge exchange

The e-service will be an open-access online service including a virtual joint development forum, pool of competences, and support package for service design, including a training module. The e-service will facilitate local, regional and transnational cooperation and partnerships and knowledge exchange.

An end-user centric approach

The e-service will be established in close cooperation with target groups, as these are involved as project partners (representing SHAs), associated partners (representing sectoral agencies, SMEs and NGOs), and other project stakeholders in the involved SHAs. An end-user centric approach, early launch of the e-service, and integration via the communication and stakeholder cooperation activities of the participating SHAs will create long-lasting effects.