Stakeholder workshop in Ilomantsi, Finland

CEDTENK and Karelia UAS arranged the first stakeholder workshop at Parppeinvaara Bardic Village in Ilomantsi city on the 8.2.2018. The aim was to identify common challenges in maintaining the cultural and natural assets, as well as seek potential solutions and opportunities for developing tourism in the region.

The workshop opening speech was presented by Eero Tuomisto from Möhkö tourism board, and a brief introduction about the SHAPE project given by Timo J. Hokkanen from CEDTENK. The workshop participants then introduced themselves and their activities, after which the mapping exercise commenced. The participants were divided into 6 groups within which they mapped areas considered of value or challenges, and areas that could, if developed, become assets or enhance tourism in the region. All groups were then given a chance to present their mapping exercise. Discussions and comments went on across the presentations. After the mapping exercise, Lasse Okkonen from Karelia UAS presented the SHAPE project objectives, the e-service and learning journeys, and the need for stakeholder engagement in the project process.

The stakeholders' brought forth diverse, useful ideas for development, which made the event a success. The workshop gathered altogether 22 persons. The date for the next workshop was mutually agreed upon by project partners and stakeholders, and will be held in Ilomantsi on 5.4.2018.