Sustainable Heritage Areas: Partnerships for Ecotourism

SHAPE focuses on a transnational set of sustainable heritage areas (SHAs) with diverse experiences of sustainability and regional cooperation involving stakeholders in heritage management, tourism, and governance. In these SHAs, the partners work with local stakeholders, their organizations, and the institutions which support them, and incorporate their activities into regional strategies for sustainable development.

Project activities will begin in each involved SHA, addressing local challenges for sustainable development by mapping assets, building on existing activities, and helping those who are developing ecotourism initiatives. Project partners and stakeholders will then share the outcomes transnationally through meetings, learning journeys and thematic networks. The resulting knowledge and tools will be incorporated into a dynamic e-service, shapingecotourism, designed to evolve and be used across the NPA region and beyond after the project ends.

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Project Manager,

Rosalind Bryce

University of the Highlands and Islands


Tel: +44 (0) 1738 877267


Project Communications,

Kari Evensen Natland

Nordhordland Development c/o Nordhordland Biosphere candidate


Tel.: +47 480 70 972

Sustainable Heritage Areas: Partnerships for Ecotourism (SHAPE) was a three years project (2017-2020) funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic...

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Cultural and natural heritage assets are the two main assets of European tourism. Therefore, preserving these very assets that draw tourists to the...

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Colourful skies of fireworks and New Year is a long tradition dating back centuries, and one cannot deny the spectacle it creates. In addition,...

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The SHAPE project will publish its first newsletter in an electronic format in January. We are primarily doing this to make it easier to reach all of...

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For many starting a sustainable business activity it may seem that you have to do it all yourself. But rest assured. You are not alone. There are most...

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This newsletter celebrates the mid-point of the SHAPE project and the recent partner meeting in Greenland. The initiatives developed with local...

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Nordhordland, the Norwegian partner in the SHAPE project, has long traditions in sheep farming and in wool manufacture. Now the region is using the...

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SHAPE has just had a very productive partner meeting in Narsaq. Hosted by our Greenlandic partner Kommune Kullakeq at the Inuili Food College, the...

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An in-depth SHAPE report of the state of the art on the topic of governance structures in Sustainable Heritage Areas has been produced by UHI. The...

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